8~100daN 50~220daN 140~500daN 120~600daN 120~220daN 20~60daN 30~60daN 50~220daN 30~60daN 25~60daN 60~100daN 50~160daN 25~160daN 30~160daN 30~160daN 100daN 25~60daN 100~250daN 200~300daN 50~140daN 6~30daN 15~50daN 2 3 4 5,6 5 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 10 10 11 11 11 12 13 14 15 16 17,18 HAMMER CASTER offers a wide range of precision casters developed through our superior know-how. It is an indispensable part in everyday life and business to move and carry things around. What’s more, the factors on carriage have to be considered endlessly including sizes, weights and surrounding environments. Hammer Caster’s mission is to provide the right caster for your particular situation. We offer the right one for you, understanding the specific needs, from our diverse types of casters. Caution Avoid using casters in the ways do not follow the intended usage; excessive weight and corrosive material may cause breakage or deformation and shorten the service life. Head Office Hirakata Factory Hirakata Factory 1 daN=10N ≒1.02 kgf(1 kgf≒9.8N=0.98daN) Measuring method revision has resulted in the unit of load capacity being changed to the SI unit daN (deca-Newton) * Type Load Capacity Reference Page 1 Plate type Threaded Stem type Plain Stem type Plate type Direction control type Corner Plate type Corner Plate type Threaded Stem type Plain Stem type Hospital / Special use Expander Stem type Foothold Caster Hammer Lock The ""Quiet"" Caster Conductive Caster / Antistatic Caster Cushion Caster Light-load Caster Hammer Caster's Replacement Wheels ALL STAINLESS ALL STAINLESS ALL STAINLESS ALL STAINLESS These are the Products of RoHS conformance. which do not contain the certain hazardous substances that RoHS directive restricts. *Please ask us for details about the specially made products or the ones without RoHS icons. Conformance Do not use if weight exceeds the capacity limit. Do not drag casters down to steps when   descending. Do not handle casters for a long term as a part of machines. The surrounding environments stated below may affect casters: Hot rooms, walk-in freezers and areas where corrosive substances, excessive oil and water are likely to be found. Do not move casters when stopper is in the lock position. Follow all instructions and occasionally oil the axle and swivel unit to prevent breakdown and ensure the longer product life. ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・