437E(NB) 430E(PR) With cover 434MB(FHR) With cover 434MB(RB) ⑤ With cover (Chrome-free steel) 434M(RB) ⑤ With cover (Chrome plated) 434MB(FHU) With cover 437S(NB) With cover 525S(RB) ⑥ With cover 429S(N) ⑨ 50mm 429S(NRB) ⑫ With cover (100~200mm ) 529S(NRB) ⑫ With cover 449G(N) ⑨ 542S(NRB) ⑫ 502BPS(CU) 200mm 439G(UR) ⑬ 25~50mm 439E(UR) ⑭ 85~125mm 439E(UB) ⑮ 423S(URB) With cover (100~200mm) 523S(URB) With cover 542S(BAU) 502BPS(CR) 100~150mm 502BPS(CR) 200mm 435S0S(RB) ⑥ For stainless steel 429S0S(N) ⑩ For stainless steel 502BPS(CU) 100~150mm 439S(UB) ⑭ With cover 434MB(KUB) With cover (Chrome-free steel) 423S(UBB) 559P(N2) 542H(NRB) ⑫ 559P(BN2) 562S(NRB) ⑫ 435S(RB) ⑥435S(WRB) Wide type 434S(CHR) 435S(RBB) 434S(FR) 100~150mm 434S0S(RU) For stainless steel 434E(FR) With cover (Polypropylene) 434S(FR) With cover (Polypropylene) 434S0S(RBU) For stainless steel Hammer Caster's Replacement Wheels For the details about wheels, please refer to the composition table at right page. Rubber Wheels Polyurethane Wheels 429S0S( NRB ) ⑪ For stainless steel Nylon Wheels 17 425G(R) ① 25~40mm 425S(R) ① 65/75mm 425G(R) ② 50~75mm 425E(R) ① 425E(RN) 425S(WR) Wide type 425S(R) ③ 100~150mm 427S(RD) ⑧ 100~150mm 445G(R) ④ 427S(RD) ⑦ 50mm 430E(PR) 429G(N) ⑨ 429E(N) ⑨ 429S(N) ⑩ 100~150mm