420S 420R 420SA 420R-N (50~75mm) 420S-RB (100~150mm) 420SA-N (50~75mm) 420G 420S 413S 420S-RB (100~150mm) 420G-UR (25~75mm) 413S-UB (100~150mm) 65,75 50 50,65,75,85,100,125,150 100,125,150,180,200 50,65,75 100 100,125,150 425S-R 427S-RD 425E-R 435S-RB 429G-N 429E-N 429S-NRB 25,32,38,50,65,75 65,75,85,100,125 50,65,75 100,125,150,200 100,125,150 439G-UR 439E-UR 439S-UB 439S-UB 435S-RB 14 With Stopper ANTISTATIC CASTER CONDUCTIVE CASTER Conductive casters dissipate away the electrical interference to prevent accidents along all manner of working environment. The dust-proof property brought by the removal of electricity avoids adhesion of particulates. Recommended to apply in super-markets, clean rooms, electronic or medical instruments. (Conductor: material with volume resistivity value of 10 6 Ω ・ cm or less.) Prevents casters from electrification caused by frictions between wheels and floor surfaces. The static charge prevention provides casters with excellent dust-proof effect. Non-Carbon, No Marking, No Worries. Antistatic casters are semi-conducting and accumulate static charges to some extent. while conductive casters hold almost no static charges. (Semiconductor volume resistivity value: 10 6 - 10 8 Ω ・ cm.) Electrical resistivity value: 1 × 10 4 Ω or less. Superior Protection against Electrostatic Interference Volume resistivity value: 10 7 - 10 10 Ω ・ cm. Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber (Roller Bearing) Nylon Nylon Nylon (Roller Bearing) Wheel Dia Dmm Wheels Polyurethane Polyurethane Polyurethane (Roller Bearing) Polyurethane (Roller Bearing) Rubber (Roller Bearing) Wheel Dia Dmm Wheels Non-conformance on RoHS Non-conformance on RoHS Electrostatic Dissipation through Outstanding Conductivity k k k k k k k k  The wheels listed above can be conductive type if requested. Please inquire of our sales distributors for the order. k  The wheels listed above can be antistatic type if requested. Please inquire of our sales distributors for the order.